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General Information

Contact Person
Mr.George J.C.
General Manager
Mr.Kishor M.Makwana
Countries Exported To
Turkey, Oman, Kenya etc.
Extrusion Lines, Rope Making Machines, Inflow Twister, Cheese Winder, Multi Spindle Bobbin Winder, Ring Twister, Online Ring Winder, Bobbins, Rope Coiling Machines, Ply Yarn Twister, Danline Extrusion Plant, PP Tape Extrusion Plant, Baler Twine ( Bailing Twine ) Extrusion Plant, Sutli ( Packing String) Extrusion Plant, Monofilament Yarn Extrusion Plant etc.
Related Companies/Brands
Establishment Date/Number of Staff
2010 / 6-10
Tax Administration/Tax Number
- / -
Banks Worked with
HDFC Bank Ltd
ISO 9001: 2008, C E Certificate
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter

Contact Information

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Bobbins. Both M.s. Flange Bobbins and Bobbins used in the Ring Twister and Ring winder, Extrusion Lines for Monofilament, PP/HDPE Tapes, PP Dan Line, PP Baler ( Bailing ) Twines, PP Box Straps, PP Sutli ( Packing Strings ) etc. Available in different Models as per Production Capacity. We can supply the Extrusion Lines from 1200 KG to, High Speed Rope Making Machines. Rope Making Machines are available in different Models for Rope dia. 2 mm To 32 mm in 3 & 4 Strands ( 3 & 4 Ply ). Ropees can be made from Nylon, Monofilament, PP Tapes, Dan Line, Multi filament, Cotton & Jute, S, Inflow Twisters. Available in Two different Models according to denier capacity. 5000 To 50000 and 5000 To 100000 deniers. 00, Multi Spindle Bobbin Winder. This Machine is used to wind the Yarns, Tapes etc. online directly from the Extrusion Lines. Available in Multiple Spindles as per customer requirements., Online Ring Winder. Available in Multi Spindles in different denier capacities as per customer requirements., Ply Yarn Twister Machines. Used for pre-Twisting the Yarn. Available in 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 Package Models.3Pa, Ring Twister Machines. Available in multi spindles according to denier capacity as per customer requirements., Rope Coiling Machines for Rope dia. 2 mm To 60 mm in different Models., Strander & Closer Type Rope Making Machine for Rope dia. 24 MM To 60 MM in 3 & 4 Strands in different Models.