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General Manager
Countries Exported To
Europe, USA, Middle East
cookware handles, stainless steel cookware handles, cooking utensils handles, enamel cookware handles, aluminium cookware handles, bakelite handles, cookware handles, kitchenware, frying pan handles, pot handles, teapot handles, pots handles, pressure cooker handles, frying pan handles, milk pot handles, tea pot handles, coffee pot handles, semover handles, heater handles, bakelite kitchenware handles, side handle, knobs, cookware knobs, frypan handles with wire and flange, frypan handles
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Establishment Date/Number of Staff
- / 0-5
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Torbalı / 6260279574
Banks Worked with
ISO 9000
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Bahçelievler Mah. Sakarya Cad. No: 9 35875 Yazıbaşı/Torbalı - İzmir, Turkey
Postal Code
Phone Number
+90 232 853 74 44
Fax Number
+90 232 853 74 14
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