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medical products, medical consumables, patient care products, anatomic sitting ring, visco elastic smart sponge, smart spnge pillow, waist support pillows, neck support pillows, visco pad, visco elastic pillow, visco elasticv bed, elastic bed, comfortline bed, comfortline pillow, anrimicair bed, comfortline plus bed, anti-snoring pillow, classic pillow, medical pillow, bed for reflux, travel pillows, wheelchair cushion, visco baby beds, patient pad, patient bed, sitting pillow, visco thermic bed
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2000 / 0-5
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Pınartepe Mah. Avrupa Cad. No: 87 Vista 4 89B Beykent-Büyükçekmece - İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 533 80 20
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+90 212 621 00 25
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