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Furkan YİĞİT
General Manager
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industrial kitchen equipment, kitchen equipment, industrial kitchen machine, small kitchen appliances, food preparation equipment, food preparation machine, food display units, tea boiler, beverage equipment, beverage preparation equipment, ovens, cookers, mixers, meat mincing machine, fish display machine, banquet trolley, glass washing machines, dish collecting cart, worktops, tea maker, clothes trolley, garbage cart, perforated shelves, cake display units, kebab wheeling oven
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- / 0-5
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Selçuk / 3850566258
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Fevzi Çakmak Mh. 10571 Sk. No:49 Karatay - Konya, Turkey
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+90 332 342 64 30
Fax Number
+90 332 342 64 31
appetizer display unit, banquet trolley, beverage equipment, beverage preparation equipment, boiler washing machine, bread slicer, cake display units, clothes trolley, cold foodstuff service units, convection oven, cookers, corner type worktop units, counter bowl sinks, dish collecting cart, dishwasher, dough kneading machine, electric cookers, electric fryer, electric grill, fish display machine, flat racks, food cart, food display units, food display units export, food display units exporter, food display units manufacturer, food display units manufacturing, food display units supplier, food preparation equipment, food preparation machine, food preparation machine export, food preparation machine exporter, food preparation machine manufacturer, food preparation machine manufacturing, food preparation machine supplier, garbage cart, gas chicken roasting machine, gas cookers, gas cookers export, gas cookers exporter, gas cookers manufacturer, gas cookers manufacturing, gas cookers supplier, gas grill, glass washing machines, industrial kitchen equipment, industrial kitchen equipment export, industrial kitchen equipment exporter, industrial kitchen equipment manufacturer, industrial kitchen equipment manufacturing, industrial kitchen equipment supplier, industrial kitchen machine, kebab wheeling oven, kebab wheeling oven export, kebab wheeling oven exporter, kebab wheeling oven manufacturer, kebab wheeling oven manufacturing, kebab wheeling oven supplier, kitchen equipment, kitchen equipment export, kitchen equipment exporter, kitchen equipment manufacturer, kitchen equipment manufacturing, kitchen equipment supplier, material trolley, meat mincing machine, meat mincing machine export, meat mincing machine exporter, meat mincing machine manufacturer, meat mincing machine manufacturing, meat mincing machine supplier, mixers, onion chopping machine, orange squeezing machine, ovens, perforated shelves, pizza oven, potato peeling machine, self service units, self service units export, self service units exporter, self service units manufacturer, self service units manufacturing, shelves, small kitchen appliances, small kitchen appliances export, small kitchen appliances exporter, small kitchen appliances manufacturer, small kitchen appliances manufacturing, small kitchen appliances supplier, tea boiler, tea maker, turkish pitta ovens, vegetable slicing machine, worktops, worktops for kitchen export, worktops for kitchen exporter, worktops for kitchen manufacturer, worktops for kitchen manufacturing, worktops for kitchen supplier