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General Manager
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health products, medical products, orthopedic products, orthopedics products, orthopedy products, ankle supports, foot health products, one size products, braces, neck collars, supports products, elbow supports, knee supports, hand wrists, arm supports, shoulder supports, arm and shoulder supports, corsets, knitting group products, finger splints, varicosis stocking, supports walking aid, arm sling, velpau bandage, degree arm sling, clavicula bandage, silicone insoles, heel cup
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2005 / 0-5
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Halkalı / 3680259214
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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İnönü Mah. Lale Sok. No: 19 Sefaköy-K.Çekmece - İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 693 88 87
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+90 212 693 47 15
abdominal corsets, achell boat, adjustable angle brace, ankle brace with malleol support, ankle stabilizer with ligament support, ankle support with malleolos pad, ankle supports, antiemboli knee high varicose stocking, arm and shoulder supports, arm sling, arm supports, articulated arch antiemboli, backed pateller knee support, braces, butonier splint, button crutches, calf support, cane, canedien, cellulite tights, cervical collar chins, chest corsets, clavicula bandage, closed knee support, closed patella knee support, cork insoles, corsets, cross strap ankle support, degree arm sling, dequervain splint, dorsalomber corset with belt, eight bandage, elastical elbow support, elbow supports, epicondylitis bandage, epicondylitis elbow support, finger splints, folding komot, foot guard, foot health products, hallux valgus soft night splint, hand and wrist splint, hand splint, hand wrist splint, hand wrists, health products, heel cup, immobilizer, knee high varicose stocking, knee support crossed ligaments, knee support steel hinged, knee support with velcro patella ligament, knee supports, knitting group products, lumbosacral corset, lumbostad corset, mallet finger splint, medical products, neck collars, nelson collar, one size products, orthopedic products, orthopedics products, orthopedy products, padded elbow support, pantyhose varicose stocking, patella and ligament knee support, patella knee support, patellar tendinitis band, piledelphia collar, posturex bandage, r.o.m. Walker, reflex afo, rom walker, seat cushion, shoulder supports, shoulder support, silicone bunion shield, silicone insoles, silicone toe separator, soft collar sponge, stabilization splint, steel insoles, straight finger splint, supports products, supports walking aid, the baseball splint, the frog splint, thermoplastic resting wrist splint, thigh high silicone varicose stocking, thigh support, tracheotomy philedelphia collar, tripod cane, varicosis stocking, velpau bandage, walker, wire frame collar, woolen corsets, wrist splint, wrist splint with thumb grip