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Mehmet Ali BİÇER
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rolling mill, melt shop, tundish, turret, ccm, gearbox, shear, mill stands, furnace, guides, turn-key project, rolling mills, meltshop, meltshop machinery, reheating furnaces, rolling mill train, cooling bed equipments, packing and bundling equipments, pusher type furnaces, walking beam furnaces, walking hearth furnaces, furnace charging and discharging area equipments, furnace billet feeding station, furnace discharging machine, furnace exit roller table, billet rejecting system, pinch rolls
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- / -1
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Menemen / 2150239414
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  • Manufacturer
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Ulukent Sanayi Bölgesi 10009 Sokak No: 5 Menemen - İzmir, Turkey
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+90 232 833 36 14
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+90 232 833 36 32
automatic bundle collection system, automatic weighing and bundle collection system, automatic weighing system, auxiliary parts, billet charging pushers, billet rejecting system, bundle forming station, ccm continuous casting machine, chain transfers, charging roller table, classical rolling mill stands, cold shears, controlled quenching systems, cooling bed area, cooling bed equipments, couplings, crop and cobble shears, cutting equipment, dedusting systems, discharge equipment, dummy bar equipment, ebt handling device, electric arc furnaces, exit roller ways, flying shears, foundry machinery, foundry plant machinery, furnace billet feeding station, furnace charging and discharging area equipments, furnace discharging machine, furnace exit pinch roll, furnace exit roller table, furnace shell and tapping systems, furnace turret, furnaces for steel rolling, horizontal loopers, housingless rolling mill stands, induction furnaces, industrial furnaces, industrial furnaces for steel rolling, industrial furnaces for steel works, ladle furnaces, ladle gabdling equipment, ladle relining stands, ladle slide gate exchange stands, ladle transfer car, ladle turrets, ladles and slide gates, loopers, magnetic systems, meltshop, meltshop equipment spare parts, meltshop equipments, meltshop machinery, meltshop machinery manufacturer, meltshop machinery spare parts, meltshop machinery supplier, mould and oscillation equipment, packing and bundling area, packing and bundling equipments, pinch rolls, preheater systems, pusher type furnaces, reheating furnaces, roller tables, rolling gearboxes, rolling mill equipments, rolling mill equipments for steel works, rolling mill machinery, rolling mill machinery for steel works, rolling mill machinery spare parts, rolling mill spare parts, rolling mill stands, rolling mill train, rolling mills, s arms systems, scrap bucket and scrap bucket transfer cars, scrap bucket press systems, scrap pre heating systems, scrap yard management automation, scrapyard and scrap handling equipment, semi automatic binding machine, shaft holders, shafts, snap shears, stacker systems, steel rolling equipments, steel rolling machinery, steel rolling mill equipments, steel rolling mill machinery, steel rolling mills, steel works spare parts, straightener machinery, take in transfer systems, tilting mechanisms, tundish equipment, universal rolling mill stands, vertical loopers, walking beam furnaces, walking hearth furnaces