General Information

Contact Person
Gökhan SERİN
General Manager
Muhlis ÖZMEN
Countries Exported To
United Arab Countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria
decontamination systems, decontamination of vehicles, decontamination of land, personnel decontamination tent, decontamination equipments, cbrn decontamination systems, portable decontamination devices, decontamination tents, decontamination clothes, nuclear decontamination systems, biological decontamination systems, chemical decontamination systems, decontamination systems supplier from turkey, decontamination of vehicles supplier from turkey, decontamination of land supplier from turkey
Related Companies/Brands
Özmenler, Decontamination
Establishment Date/Number of Staff
1985 / 11-25
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Kiraz / 7030022017
Banks Worked with
TSE, ISO 9001
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Contact Information

Yeni Mahalle Menderes Caddesi No:103 Kiraz-İzmir, Turkey
Postal Code
Phone Number
+90 232 572 30 57
Fax Number
+90 232 572 39 58
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