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chain manufacturer, chain supplier, chain industry, industrial chains, standart roller chains, standard ear chains, hole pin chains, long step chains, fleyer chains, agricultural chains, pitch chains, caterpillar wedge drive chains, stainless steel chains, fordeyer chains, elevator chains, forged scrapper ear chains, redler type forged chains, top roller chains, one sides roller chains, special design chains, chain, conveyor chains, machinery chains, normed chain, roller pin chains, roller
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1999 / 0-5
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Ege / 1780705985
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  • Manufacturer
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1. Sanayi Sit. 2842. Sk. No: 04/1 Konak - İzmir, Turkey
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+90 232 459 58 18
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+90 232 459 58 38
adjustable brackets, adjustable handle female, adjustable handle male, adjustableguide rail clamps, almond bearings units, aluminium profile 40x40, aluminium profile for guides, articulated plastic feet, attachment chains, bakalite cover handles, bearing for conveyor rollers, bearings insert, bush chains, cardanic chains, cardanic crate chains, chains with extended pin, clamp for photocells, connecting joins, connecting joint, conveyor belt split sprockets, conveyor chains fv series, conveyor split sprockets, cross clamp, curved conveyor plates 882, curves track for tab chains, double hinges chains, drive sprockets, duble guide rail clamps, fleyer chains, forging chains, fpl bearing insert, frame system type a, gall chains, grid modular conveyor belts, guide rail clamp, guide rail clamps, guides for bottling and packaging, handwheels, hard type articulated feet, hinges 49x49, hinges with screw 49x49, idler wheels, leaf hinges, linear plate chains, magnetic door holder, modular conveyor belts, modular flat top conveyor belt, modular flat top conveyor belts, modular grid conveyor belts, modular transfer plates with roller, nfl bearing insert, norm chain, norm chains, omega bearing insert, outboard roller chains, panel clamp, pin roller (hollow pin) chains, plastic articulated feet, plastic hinges 49x65, plastic hinges 78x100, plastic roller chains, plastic split sprockets, plate chains for curved conveyors, plate for curved conveyors 880, profile double guide rail clamps, profile for bottling, profile for packaging, profile guide rail clamps, profiles for bottling and packaging, roller chain guides, rotary heavy duty chains, round profile for packaging, sca model cover handles, sch model cover handles, scraper conveyor chains, side mounting top brackets, silver anodized aluminium profile, solid bearing pin conveyor chains, special chains, split idler wheels, split sprockets, spring lock, sprocket, sprockets 380 (z8), sprockets 381 (z15), square bearings units, square profile threated tube end, stainless split sprockets, stainless steel base fixed feet, straight plate chains, support base angular bipod, support base bipod, support base flat bipod, support base tripod, support base with connection bipod, support heads, t - clamp, threated tube ends, universal clamp for photocells, zinc plated articulated feet