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antistatic workwear, antistatic fabric, protective clothing, safety clothing, workwear, work aprons, smock, antistatic workwear supplier, antistatic fabric for hospital textile, antistatic fabric for automotive sector, antistatic coverall, microfiber workwear, microfiber work aprons, fire retardent clothes, fire retardant fabric, fire retardant workwear, fire retardant overalls, fire retardant smocks, dust cloth, cleaning cloth, microfiber cleaning cloth, oualified cleaning cloths
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2003 / -
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Nilüfer / 3230355212
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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İhsaniye Mah. Bayır Sok. No:3 Nilüfer Bursa, Turkey
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+90 224 246 97 17
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+90 224 246 97 36
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