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Atasavun YİĞİT
General Manager
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medical devices, medical equipments, medical consumables, amalgame fulvar, anaesthesia device, anaesthesia monitors, knucklebone bandage, mouth spatula, leg tape, bath cleaning solution, inflation device, biopsy attachments, brinisuar, buttress splint, dialysis catheter bard, dialyzer, ecarteur, electrod pediatric, electrod adult, endotracheal stylet, blood filter set, protective clothing, guard wire, oxygen catheter, prob cases, smear brush, stabilized orthesis, video printer paper, urinary bag
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M. KARAGÜZEL / 6130661866
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Demirhendek Cad. No:51/2 Siteler Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey
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+90 312 348 93 10
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+90 312 351 86 89
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