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illuminating products, electrical materials, double parabolic luminaries, recessed mounted luminaries, recessed mounted with prismatic lenses (clip im)luminaries, opal glass luminaries, recessed mounred t5 luminaries, indirect double perforated luminaries, louvre direct indirect luminaries, double parabolic direct luminaries, hdk workshop luminaries, petrol station(canopy)square luminaries, ceiling luminaries with sensor, applique, surface mounted t5 luminaries, prismatic lenses luminaries
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Sarıgazi / 2910088570
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Şerifali Mah. Türker Cad. No:40 Yukarıdudullu İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 216 314 77 34-35
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+90 216 415 05 92
32w pentant circular luminaries, aluminium body main road and street luminaries, aluminium suspended luminaries, applique, armature lighting, assymetrical indirect luminaries, ballast box, batten luminaries with double parabolik, batten luminaries with louvre cellular, batten luminaries with prismatic lens, batten luminaries with reflector, batten type luminaries, casting frame downlight luminaries, ceiling luminaries with sensor, decorative oval luminaries, double halospot, double parabilic luminaries, double parabolic direct indirect luminaries, double parabolic direct luminaries, e type with cage luminaries, emergency lighting kit, emergency lighting luminaries, endirect symmetrical (clip in) luminaries, etange base, etange type luminaries, glob luminaries, halojen floodlights, hdk workshop luminaries, horizontal downlight unless glass luminaries, horizontal inside glass downlight luminaries, horizontal turbo downlight luminaries, illuminating products, illumination products, indirect double perforated luminaries, indirect single perforated (clip in) luminaries, indirect single perforated luminaries, lcd projectors, lighting design, lighting fixtures, lighting products turkey, louvre cellular luminaries, louvre direct indirect (clip in) luminaries, louvre direct indirect luminaries, luminaries, main road and street luminaries, mercury steamy ballasts, metal halide floodlights, metal halide&sodium ballasts, metal halide-sodium steamy floodlights, mirror-top luminaries, opal glass luminaries, outside glass downlight luminaries, petrol station (canopy) square luminaries, petrol station rectangle luminaries, petrol station(canopy)square luminaries, plc nad fluorescent ballasts, polycarbonate suspended luminaries, polyester body main road and street luminaries, prismatic lenses luminaries, projector lighting, projector manufacturer turkey, quarted halospot, recessed moubted with prismatic lenses luminaries, recessed mounred t5 luminaries, recessed mounted direct endirect luminaries, recessed mounted louvre cellular luminaries, rectangle downlight luminaries, single halospot, square downlight luminaries, standart batten type luminaries, standart batten type reflector luminaries, starter socket, sterile room and lamella luminaries, sterile room glass luminaries, surface mounted decorative glass luminaries, surface mounted direct indirect luminaries, surface mounted luminaries, surface mounted mirror and picture luminaries, surface mounted t5 luminaries, symmetrical indirect luminaries, tennis cord luminaries, trio halospot, vertical cover glass downlight luminaries, vertical without glass downlight luminaries, waterproof-etange batten type luminaries, waterproof-etenge batten type luminaries, workshop luminaries no cell, workshop luminaries with cell, workshop luminaries with polyester cell