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Ali Murat OKYAY
General Manager
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agricultural machines, agricultural equipments, agricultural tools, tractors, drill machines, planters, sowing and planting machine, planting machines, sowing machines, shallow tillage equipments, threshing machines, stalk beaters, harvester, tractor spare parts, agricultural machine spare parts, plunger bearings, sowing machine, grease pump, tractor compressor, plow, plough, lawn mower, feed grinder, fertilizer broadcaster, fertilizer spreader, valves, chisel, mower bottom pulley, potato lifter
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Yüreğir / 1900504632
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Karasoku Mah. Kızılay Cad. 28006 Sok. No:9/B Seyhan Adana, Turkey
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+90 322 359 26 02
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+90 322 359 26 05
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