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Esen Evrim GÜNDÜZ
General Manager
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textile chemicals, textile dyes, bleaching materials, dyeing agents, cleaning agents, finishing supplies, reducing substances, enzymes, optics, direct dyes, binders, home chemicals, oil-based anti-fracture, sequestering, combined bleaching agent, organic stabilizer, wetting receiver, bleaching agents, anti-static yarn oil transfer, polypropylene yarn oil, levelling agents, nylon paint, ion holder, cellulosic fiber polyester, sizing removers, paint solvent, defoamer concentrate, fixators
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2002 / -
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Uludağ / 1270048484
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Buttim İş Merkezi A Blok K:3 No:695 - Bursa, Turkey
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+90 224 211 04 63
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+90 224 211 04 73
acetic acid, acetone, acid, acrylic composition, anti-fractures, antimigrasyon preventive, antipiling finishing chemicals, anti-static yarn oil transfer, apretan, binders, bleaching material supplier from turkey, bleaching materials, buffers, cationic softener, cellulosic fiber blend, cellulosic fiber polyamide, cellulosic fiber polyester, cleaning agent supplier from turkey, cleaning agents, color intensifier, concentrated water-repellent finish, cooking material, cotton optics, cotton softeners, defoamer concentrate, desizing, direct dyeing fixators, direct dyes, direct dyes ion holder, dirt repellent finish, disperce ion holder, disperse dyeing, dispersing agent, dispersing powdered raw material, dyeing agent supplier from turkey, dyeing agents, dyeing fixation nylon, dyeing fixation polyamide, ecologically keriyer, elastane staple, emulsion concentrate, enzyme amylase, enzymes, finishing articles, finishing supplies, finishing supply supplier from turkey, fixators, fragrance-free keriyer, fullness finish chemicals, hair bulk enzyme, high emulgator transfer oil, home chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, hydrophilic silicone softener, hydrosulfite, keriyer, levelling agents, liquid caustic, liquid paraffin emulsion, naphthalene sulphonate, nylon paint, oil repellent finish, optics, optics supplier from turkey, paint solvent, polyamide dyeings, polyamide staple, polyester paint solvent, polypropylene yarn oil, polyvinyl acetate, pre-processing chemical supplier from turkey, pre-processing chemicals, protective finish chemicals, raising oil, reactive dyeing fixators, reactive ion holder, reactive washing soap, reducing substance supplier from turkey, reducing substances, silicone-free defoamer concentrate, sizing removers, softeners, surface slipperiness, synthetic blends, synthetic sizing remover, textile chemical supplier from turkey, textile chemicals, textile dyes, textile dyes supplier from turkey, textile industry chemical supplier from turkey, textile industry chemicals, textile industry dyes, textile industry dyes supplier from turkey, transfer oil, washing material, water repellent finish, water-resistant finish chemicals, yarn oil, yarn transfer oil supplier from turkey, yarn transfer oils