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Mustafa KELEŞ
General Manager
Countries Exported To
Middle East, USA, Far East, The Balkans
sewing machines, sewing machine accessories, overlock series, covering brother, double needle brother, hook and spoon, shoe-upper plate and gear, pfaff-belt sets, loopers, buttonhole parts, knife and parts, presser foot types, gear types, plate types, bobbin winder types, bars and nails, oiling parts, shield types, thread guides, iron table and cottons, valve and spare parts, lockstitch machine attachments, covering tape attachments, double needle attachments, bobbin case types
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Establishment Date/Number of Staff
1991 / -
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Osmaniye / 1600041910
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Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Hacıkadın Cad. Şark İş Hanı No: 28-30 (İmç 4-5 Bloklar Arası) Unkapanı / İstanbul, Turkey
Postal Code
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+90 212 511 11 50
Fax Number
+90 212 527 29 32
ashtray-leg-wheel, axe and parts, bag closer and parts, bars and bushing, bars and nails, belt protections, belt types, bobbin case types, bobbin cases, bobbin types, bobbin winder and parts, bobbin winder types, butterfly and parts, buttonhole knives brother, buttonhole machine juki, buttonhole parts, cleaning gun and parts, cleaning robots silter, compressors, covering kansai, covering machine needles, covering parts yamato, covering tape attachments, cutting machines, double needle attachments, double needle juki, drill-lower-rope machine, embroidery machine parts, embroidery scissors, family machine belts, family machine parts, gear types, hand machines, hook and bobbin case parts, hook and spoon, hook types, hooks of brother, hooks of juki, hooks of lockstitch, hooks of pfaff, iron table and cottons, irons silter, knee set and parts, knife and parts, knife typse, knives juki-brother, knives mitsubishi, lid and parts, lockstitch knives, lockstitch machine attachments, lockstitch machine needles, loopers, machine adler, marking chalk, motor and overlock machines, needle bar and bushing, needle types, needles, oiling parts, overlock machine needles, overlock siruba, overlock-covering rimoldi, overlock-covering union, pen types, pfaff shoe-upper machine, pfaff-belt sets, plate types, plate-gear and parts, presser foot and parts, presser foot and soles, presser foot types, round cutting machine parts, round cutting machines, scicssor types, scissors lina, scissors merze, scissors solingen, scissors with nut, scissors with screw, screwdriver cerpa, sewing equipments, sewing machine accessories, sewing machine equipments, sewing machine spare parts, sewing machines, sharpin stones, shield types, shoe-upper plate and gear, small irons silter, steam attachments silter, straight cutting knives, straight cutting machine parts, straight cutting machines, tag types, tagging gun and needle, tape machines, teflon shoes silter, tension and parts, thread guides, thread stand types, tweezer types, valve and spare parts, zigzag lid and parts, zigzag scissors