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valves, ball gates, steam ball valve, globe valve, threated valve, gas ball valve, wafer type butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, butterfly valve, strainers, strainers y type, strainers t type, check valve, ball valve, iron cast valve, gray iron valve, ductile iron valve, ball valve body, flange body, threaded valve fitting, threaded valve threaded body, butterfly valve body, strainers body, cast valves, ductile valve parts, gray iron valve parts, iron cast valve covering
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1997 / 0-5
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Selçuk / 1950248460
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BBS TS EN ISO 9001:2008, TÜV TS EN ISO 9001:2008, TSE 11494
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  • Manufacturer
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Büsan Org. San. Böl. Çelik Cad. No: 47 - Konya, Turkey
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+ 90 332 345 49 99
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+ 90 332 345 50 77
ball gates, ball valve arm, ball valve arm plastic, ball valve body, ball valve covering, ball valve embossed washer, ball valve fiber pin nut, ball valve fitting, ball valve gasket, ball valve lock, ball valve nut, ball valve pin, ball valve pin nut, ball valve pin teflon, ball valve pn 10, ball valve pn 6, ball valve sphere, ball valve sphere teflon, ball valve thin teflon, butterfly valve, butterfly valve arm, butterfly valve arm spring, butterfly valve body, butterfly valve gasket, butterfly valve lapel, butterfly valve latch, butterfly valve lock, butterfly valve movement axle, butterfly valve pin gasket, butterfly valve turkey, cast valves, check valve, check valve pn 16, ductile cast valves, ductile valve parts, ductile valves, flange body, gas ball valve, gas ball valve – plate spring full bore, globe valve, globe valve - plate spring reducted bore, gray iron valve body, gray iron valve covering, gray iron valve parts, gray iron valves, iron cast ball valve, iron cast butterfly valve, iron cast strainers, iron cast valve body, iron cast valve covering, iron cast valves, lug type butterfly valve, steam ball valve, steam ball valve - plate spring full bore, steam ball valve arm, steam ball valve arm plastic, steam ball valve embossed washer, steam ball valve flange body, steam ball valve gasket, steam ball valve internal ring of teflon, steam ball valve internal ring teflon, steam ball valve lock, steam ball valve middle body, steam ball valve pin, steam ball valve pin nut, steam ball valve plate spring, steam ball valve pn 16, steam ball valve press part, steam ball valve sphere, steam ball valve thin teflon, steam ball valve thin washer, steam ball valve washer, strainers, strainers body, strainers covering, strainers filter, strainers steel nut, strainers stopper, strainers t type, strainers y type, threaded valve arm, threaded valve arm plastic, threaded valve embossed washer, threaded valve fitting, threaded valve lock, threaded valve pin, threaded valve pin gasket, threaded valve pin nut, threaded valve pin teflon, threaded valve sphere, threaded valve sphere teflon, threaded valve threaded body, threaded valve threaded covering, threated valve, threated valve – full bore, threated valve pn 16, valves, wafer type butterfly valve