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stainless steel, washing machine, fruit preparation system, fruit cooking systems, fruit processing system, vegetable ptrocessing system, processing machine, evaporation, fruit jam preparation machine, marmalade preparation machine, sterilization machine, pasteurization autoclaves, shell burning machines, transport tank, storage tanks, thermal drying systems, milk processing machine, screening machine, sea food processing systems, universal washing machine, sea food processing machines
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1974 / 0-5
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Ertugrulgazi / 5960032821
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Demirtas Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Mustafa Karaer Cad. No:31 Bursa Turkey
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+90 224 261 06 30
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+90 224 261 06 29
autoclave, autoclaves, basket washing machine, breaking and stem removing machine, calibration, calibration machine, carrier belt systems, carrier cart, carrier systems, chocolate process tanks, citrus fruit dice peeling, control belt, conveyor, cooking systems, cookings machine, cooling tanks, cutting belt, cutting machine, dehydration, drum brush washing machine, drum washing machine, dual evaporator, elevator belt, evaporation, evaporation machine, evaporator single system, evporation systems, exhaust tunnel, exhaust tunnel five ways, fruit cooking systems, fruit cutting system, fruit jam evaporation system, fruit jam preparation machine, fruit preparation system, fruit processing system, heating tanks, laboratory type evaporator, magnetic elevator belts, marmalade evaporation machine, marmalade preparation machine, milk processing machine, milk processing machines, milk processing systems, mixer machine, mixer systems, mixing tanks, moisture adjustment machine, moisture adjustment systems, multiple milk transport tank, nuts roasting furnace, pasteurization, pasteurization autoclaves, plate pasteurization systems, preliminary machine, preliminary preparation systems, preparation machine, preparation system, processing machine, pulper, roasting furnaces, roasting machine, roasting machines, roller conveyor belts, rotating brush washing machine, rotation belt, screening machine, screening machines, sea food processing machine, sea food processing machines, sea food processing systems, select belt, shell burning machine, shell burning machines, shell burning systems, single transport tank, slice cutting machine, square cutting machine, stainless steel materials, stainless steel products, sterilization, sterilization autoclaves, sterilization machine, storage tanks, strip cutting machine, thermal drying machine, thermal drying systems, tomato paste evporation machine, tomato paste preparation machine, transfer belt, transport tank, transport tanks, turbo extractor, turbo shredder, universal washing machine, vegetable cooking systems, vegetable cutting system, vegetable preparation system, vegetable processing system, water removing machine, water removing machines