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General Manager
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drawers, shoe racks, vegetable sets, stools, kids group, picnic sets, laundry, dish racks, pitchers, buckets, litter bins, flower pots, basin with cover, cleaning systems, funnels, bowls, strainers, locked storage container, basins, packaging buckets, water glass, measuring cup, sprayhead, basin for bath, classic drawer, bamboo drawer, triangular storage rack, picnic basket, laundry hamper, laundry basket, clothes hanger, pitcher with churn, cornered pitcher, rondo pitcher, click litter bin
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1996 / -
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Şehit Kamil / 6240059608
Banks Worked with
ISO 9001:2008, Brand Registration Certificate, TSE, Design Registration Certificate
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Yeni Otogar Yolu Üzeri Aydınlar Mah. 6 Nolu Cad. No:1 Gaziantep, Turkey
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+90 342 329 46 10
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+90 342 329 46 14
airtight food container, aluminium leg armchairs, bamboo drawer, basin, basin for bath, basin with cover, basin with cover turkey, basins, basins turkey, bench, bowl for bath, bowls, bowls turkey, buckets, buckets turkey, classic drawer, cleaning bucket, cleaning set, cleaning systems, cleaning systems turkey, click litter bin, clothes hanger, container, container turkey, cornered pitcher, design drawer, detergent bucket, dish racks, dish racks turkey, double bench with back rest, double bench without back rest, drawers, drawers turkey, dustpan, fan & camouflage armchair, flower pots, flower pots turkey, funnels, funnels turkey, high backed monoblock plastic armchairs, hollow bowl, kids group, kids group turkey, laundry, laundry basket, laundry hamper, laundry turkey, litter bin with lid(locable), litter bins, litter bins turkey, locked storage container, locked storage container turkey, measuring cup, mop and handle, packaging buckets, packaging buckets turkey, pedalled litter bin, picnic basket, picnic sets, picnic sets turkey, pitcher with churn, pitchers, pitchers turkey, plastic armchair, plastic chair, plastic coffee table, plastic kid armchair, plastic stool, plastic table, quart bench with back rest, quart bench without back rest, rondo pitcher, sebboy stool, shoe racks, shoe racks turkey, sprayhead, stadium seat, stadium seat jupiter, stadium seat mars, stadium seat mercur, stadium seat neptune, stadium seat star, stadium seat star fanatic, stadium seat uranus, standard colours plastic armchair, stools, stools turkey, strainers, strainers turkey, transparent colours plastic armchair, triangular storage rack, triplet bench with back rest, triplet bench without back rest, two colours drawer, vegetable set (3 shelves), vegetable set (4 shelves), vegetable set (5 shelves), vegetable sets, vegetable sets turkey, water glass