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Ideal Plastic Co. LTD was established in 1988 with the target to produce master batches.

Having a goal to become a brand in the national and international market, we made tremendous investments such as: Our extruder lines production capacity is 20 tons/day, of colored and white master batches. In the nearest future we will increase our capacity by adding new production lines.
We are able to meet the market demand with our cutting edge laboratory that equipped with the newest and best equipments

Masterbatches, Masterbatches Of General Purposes, High Performance Masterbatches, Masterbatches For Specific Polymers, Transparent Masterbatches, Mono Masterbatch, Semi Transparent Masterbatch, Fluorescent Masterbatches, White Masterbatch, Black Masterbatch, Effect Masterbatch, PVC Masterbatches, Functional Masterbatches, BOPP Masterbatch, Fibre Masterbatches (Cf-Bcf- S.Nonwoven-Fibre), Caoutchouc Complying Masterbatch, Idea Pet Masterbatch, Bio Plastic Masterbatch, Additive, Proses Aids And Mould Release ( Idealease), Uv Absorbers (Ideasorb), Antıstatıc (Ideastad), Antifog (Idafog), Antimicrobial, Anti Warp Masterbatch (Ideawarp), Anti Blockıng Masterbatch (Ideablok), Cleanıng Agent Masterbatch ( Ideaclearty), Anti Oxidants, Anti Slip, Slip/Antıblock, Scented Masterbatch, Anti Odor, Mattıng Agent (Idemat), Nucleatıng Agents, Thermochromic Masterbatch, Impact Modıfıers, Flame Retardents, Infrared Absorbers (IR), Lazer Markıng, Conductive, Anti Corrosive Masterbatch, Dry Masterbatch, Compounds,

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