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milling equipments, flour milling equipments, streching machine, star tapeten, brush and drop tapeten, sieve top and bottom bag, hole buckle, sanding rubber, bag port sewing machine, sewing machine yarn, elevator bucket plastic, elevator coco bolts, belt stamper, scale brush, cylinder brushes, cylinder glass, round punched plate, reverse plates, crust peeler plate, oval punched plates, rubber cap and masons, rubber diagram cylicone, pneumatic glasses, elastic gear coupling, steel gears
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2001 / -
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Selçuk / 7360547530
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  • Manufacturer
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Büsan Özel Organize San. Demir Cad. No:29 Konya , Turkey
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+90 332 345 39 10
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+90 332 345 39 12
air gun, air lock, aluminium clemp, aluminium filter cap, aluminium magnet, aluminium shovel, angle - reduction, ash oven, bag port sewing machine, balance cylinder brush, band roll, bearings, belt paste, belt stamper, blending machine, bottom stripper, bran brush plates, bran brush top entrance light, brush and drop tapeten, chain and locks, chain coupling, circular swing laboratory sieve, clamped fork, control pipe, conveyor band pins, crape paper, crust peeler plate, crust peeler wire, ctolth tapeten, cyclon top air balan clips, cylinder ball, cylinder brushes, cylinder glass, elastic gear coupling, elevator belts, elevator bucket plastic, elevator buckets plate, elevator coco bolts, farina breaker, filter bag, filter bag and clemp, filter diagram plate, flour car, flour flap, flour milling equipments, flow meter temper device, flow pipe - chlorate, frame wire, galvanized shutter plate, gluten index, glutene basin, glutene washing, hanging bearing, heat measurer probe, hectoliter, hole buckle, humidity measurer (break model), humidity measurer (cap model), laboratory mill, liso and break mill cylinder gears, magnet box, milling equipments, motor, mountings, oval plate, oval punched plates, pipe brush, plate belt pins, pneumatic glasses, probe, prufier brushes and piston, reductor engine, reverse plates, rocket type magnet, round pucnhed plate, round punched plate, rubber balls, rubber cap and masons, rubber diagram cylicone, rubber elbow, rubber hammer, sanding rubber, scale brush, sensitive scale, seperator magnet, sewing machine, sewing machine hanger, sewing machine yarn, sieve brush, sieve stick, sieve strip, sieve top and bottom bag, speed control vitamine device, spiral, sponch sticky cord, star coupling rubber and spare, star tapeten, steel gears, stone eliminator rubber, stone eliminator wire, stove - pipe injector, thermometer, throttle and knob bolts, trio plate, v belt, v belt drums, vibro feeder, vitamine machine manual, wheat flour analysis sieve, wheat spring