General Information

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Erhan ÖNAL
General Manager
Countries Exported To
Russia, Germany, Japan, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon
auto spare parts, chemicals, cleaning products, cleaning items, construction materials, foodstuffs, beverages, home appliances, medical products, metal products, packing materials, sports equipments, textile products, stone adhesive, hygenic products, brush, soap, cleaning products, detergent, dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaning products, eau de cologne, liquid soap, wet wipes, paper towel, napkin, bathroom cabinets, dustbin, paint brush, underwear, socks, trousers, bed lining, towel, clothes
Related Companies/Brands
Establishment Date/Number of Staff
2010 / 0-5
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Üsküdar / 40252661444
Banks Worked with
Garanti Bank
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Service
  • Exporter
  • Importer
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Contact Information

Bulgurlu Mah. Alemdağ Cad. Tokgözler İş Merkezi No: 110/38 Üsküdar-İstanbul, Turkey
Postal Code
Phone Number
+90 216 505 83 40
Fax Number
+90 216 505 78 82
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