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electrical panel boards, metal enclosed modular switchgears, compact transformer kiosks, mcc enclosures, distribution boards, moduler enclosures, wall mounted enclosures, operating desks, operating consoles, special productions, electrical panel, internal and external panels, control panels, automatic compensation boards, concrete and steel pavilion transformer, sheet metal panels, primary and secondary distribution boards, mcc panels, pan cord, electrical panel, energy transmission line
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1976 / -
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Yüreğir / 7210028518
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TSE – EN 60439-1, ISO 9001:2000
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 17. Cad. No:27 Yakapınar Adana, Turkey
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+ 90 322 394 36 97
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+ 90 322 394 37 00
adjustable holders, airport electrification, back cover mounting bracket, base compartments, building automation, building electrification, building type transformer stations, cable ladders, cable trays, cage nuts, capacitor banks, carrying rings, commercial center electrification, compact transformer stations, compensation panels, computer kiosks, concrete transformer substations, coupling cells, cover plates, current measurement cells, current transformers, depth adjustable holders, depth adjustable mounting plates, direct transformer stations, distribution switchboard, electrical distribution systems, electrical distribution units, electrical materials, electrical panel boards, electrical products, electrical project design, electricity cabinets, electricity control centers, electricity control panels, electricity industry, electromechanical, electromechanics, encloser frames, enclosures, energy transmission lines, equipment installation bars, factory automation, factory electrification, fan modules, front door with glass, fully automated capactior banks, generator cabinets, highway lighting systems, hospital electrification, indoor type modular enclosers, isolators, lighting panels, lighting systems, low voltage electricity panels, low voltage panelboard, low voltage switchgears, lv panelboards, main rack panels, mcc panels, mechatronics, medium voltage air insulated switchgears, metal enclosed mv switchgears, modular enclosures, mounting plates, mv enclosures, operating consoles, operating desks, operator chairs, outdoor type modular enclosers, outlet module with fuse, overcurrent relays, overhead transmission lines, overload relays, panelboard enclosers, panelboards, power lines, project pocket, protected side cable entrance, rack cabinet systems, school electrification, self standing cabinets, self standing modular enclosures, sf6 gas, sf6 gas disconnector, sf6 gas load disconnector, sheet metal transformer kiosks, sheet metal transformer substations, sheet panels, shopping center electrification, subsystem rack panels, switchgears, transformer kiosks, transformer stations, transformer substations, tunnel electrification, turnkey site electrification, voltage transformer cells, voltage transformers, wall mounted enclosures, withdrawable mv enclosures