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Ahmet Yerli
General Manager
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faucet, sanitary equipments, sanitaryware, taps, mixers, tap mixers, mixer battery, sink mixers, bathtub battery, bathtub faucet, shower faucet, lavatory faucet, lavatory combination faucet, washbin mixer, bathroom mixer, kitchen mixer, bidet faucets, bidet nozzles, kitchen faucet, laundry taps, shower systems, sensor faucets, armatures, mixer complementary products, slide spiral shower sets, applique mixers, applique faucet, rotating lavatory mixers, rotating lavatory faucets
Related Companies/Brands
Establishment Date/Number of Staff
1987 / 51-100
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Sultanbeyli / 2110029355
Banks Worked with
TSE, ISO 9001
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Merkez Mah.217. sok No:1 Gumusova
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+90 380 731 3008
Fax Number
+90 380 731 3007
applique faucet, applique mixers, armatures, barber faucets, barber mixers, basin faucets, basin mixers, bath mixers monoblock, bath mixers with shower sets, bathroom armatures, bathroom faucet monoblock, bathroom faucets, bathroom fittings, bathroom mixer, bathroom mixers spiral sets, bathtub battery, bathtub faucet, bathtub mixer spiral sets, bidet faucets, bidet mixers, bidet nozzles, cock casings, cocks, concealed faucets, concealed installation, concealed lavatory faucets, concealed mixers, electric mixer batteries, faucet cover sets, faucet covers, faucet water inlet apparatus, faucets, faucets long, faucets short, fixed lavatory mixers, industrial mixer battery, industrial tap mixers, kitchen armatures, kitchen faucets, kitchen mixer, kitchen mixer wall mounted, laundry taps, lavatory combination faucet, lavatory faucets, lavatory mixer battery, lavatory mixers long, lavatory-basin faucets, lavatory-basin mixers, long taps, mixer battery, mixer complementary products, mixer water inlet apparatus, mixers fixed pipe, mixers horizontal pipe, mixers long and thick pipe, mixers short and thick pipe, mixers standpipe, mixers swan pipe, photocell faucets, photocell lavatory faucets, photocell lavatory mixers, photocell mixer batteries, photocell mixers, rotating lavatory faucets, rotating lavatory mixers, sanitary equipments, sanitary materials, sensor faucets, short taps, shower faucets, shower faucets shower sets, shower mixer batteries, shower mixers, shower mixers 2 way, shower mixers 3 way, shower mixers 4 way, shower mixers shower sets, shower sets with spiral, shower systems, sidewise faucets, sidewise mixers, sink faucets, sink mixers, slide shower sets, slide spiral shower sets, spiral fittings, spiral shower system types, spiral shower systems, tap mixers, taps, two-way cocks, wall mounted taps, wall type combination faucets, wash basin faucets, wash basin mixers, washbasin mixer, washbasin mixer long, washbasin mixer short, washbin mixer, washing machine taps