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General Manager
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printing services, printworks, print works, promotion, promotional products, instutitional printworks, magazines, labels, thermal labels, polygraphy, color printing, poster printing, posters, banners, billboards, signs, graphic designs, cosmetic labels, plastic product labels, adhesive labels, boxes, colored boxes, household chemistry labels, automotive item labels, food labels, drug labels, perfume labels, glossy print, agendas, calendars, printed documents, printed matters, folders, bahcivanla
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1927 / 251-500
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Selçuk / 1310067967
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Ankara Yolu Üzeri Fevzi Çakmak Mh. Anayasa Sk. No: 11 - Konya, Turkey
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+ 90 332 345 24 24
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+ 90 332 345 24 25
adhesive labels, agendas, authentic documents, automotive item boxes, automotive item labels, banners, billboards, billheads, bills, books, bound agendas, boxes, business cards, calendars, carton bags, catalogues, color printing, colored boxes, cosmetic boxes, cosmetic labels, cutlery envelops, desktop calendars, documents, documents for hotels, door cards, drug boxes, drug labels, electrical product boxes, electronical product boxes, envelop, envelops, folders, food boxes, food labels, glossy print, graphic designs, health printworks, hidden spiral agendas, holographic labels, hospital printworks, hotel printworks, household chemistry labels, industrial boxes, industrial labels, instutitional envelops, instutitional files, instutitional folders, instutitional printworks, it product boxes, key cards, labels, lac, lamination, leather menus, legal documents, letterheads, lighters, magazines, memorandum pads, napkin holders, note paper cube, notepads, official papers, offset menus, partially lac, perfume labels, periodicals, placemats, plastic product labels, pochettes, polygraphy, poster printing, posters, print works, printed documents, printed hospital documents, printed matters, printing services, printworks, product boxes, production services, professional photography services, professional studio shoots, promotion, promotional products, rainlendars, receipts, signs, staff boxes, thermal labels, three-month calendars, tickets, tourism printworks, wall calendars, wet wipes, wipes, writing pads