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tree grates, pit closers, pipe spare parts, pipe parts, protectors, flap check valves, check valves, steel casting, steel casting products, steel flanges, double ball ventouse, depot spare parts, natural gas pit covers, cast tree grates, cast pit closers, cast grates border type, cast flanges, font casting products, hydranth protectors, grate sets, heater valves, pit closers square type, ventouses with balls, hinged manhole covers, hinged gully grating covers, channeled grates border type
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1969 / 26-50
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Selçuk / 5760030703
Banks Worked with
Halk Bank, Ziraat Bank, Vakif Bank, Is Bank, Yapi Kredi Bank
TS EN ISO 9001:2008, TS EN ISO 14001:2004, TS 18001:2008, TS 1478 EN 124, TS 1478, TS 1479, TSEK 42.197
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  • Manufacturer
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2. Org. San. Böl. Yaylacık Cd. No: 14 Selçuklu-Konya, Turkey
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+90 332 239 06 55
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+90 332 239 06 58
banks, butterfly valves, cast ball ventouses, cast banks, cast butterfly valves, cast check valves, cast disassembly valve parts, cast elastomer valves, cast flanges, cast gate valves, cast grate sets, cast grates, cast grates border type, cast grates channel type, cast heater valves, cast hinged manhole covers, cast hydranth protectors, cast hydranthes, cast manhole sets, cast manholes, cast pipe spare parts, cast pit closers, cast protectors, cast road blocking columns, cast road grates, cast traps, cast tree grates, cast valves, cast ventouses, channel grates, channeled grates, channeled grates border type, check valves, covers, depot spare parts, depot spare parts ff, depot spare parts ffq, depot spare parts pt, depot spare parts x, double ball ventouse, ductile iron casting, ductile iron casting products, ductile iron casting supplier from turkey, elastomer valves, fire hydranthes, flanged ventouses with ball, flanges, flap check valves, font casting, font casting products, fuel filling covers, gate valves, grate sets, grate sets channeled type, grates, gray casting, gray casting products, gray iron casting, gray iron casting supplier from turkey, gully grate sets, gully grate sets channeled type, gully grates, heater valves, hinged gully grating covers, hinged manhole cover sets, hinged manhole covers, hydranth protectors, hydranthes, iron casting, iron casting supplier from turkey, irrigation hydranth, manhole cover sets, manhole covers, manhole sets, natural gas pit covers, pipe parts, pit closers square type, protectors, sewage fire hydranthes, steel casting, steel casting products, steel casting supplier from turkey, steel flanges, valve disassembly parts, valve types, valves, ventouses with balls, ventouses with one ball