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Packing , Packaging, Package, Packings, Packages, Packagings, Pack, Bubble Films, Metal Packaging, In-Box Packaging, Isolation Products, Protective Packaging, Complementary, Food Packaging, Food Pack, Metal Packaging, Bubble Films, Adhesive Bubble Films, Pe Foams, Void Fillers, Pe Foam Profiles, Foams In Rolls, Airbed, Bag, Bizofol, Kraft, Strap, Aluminium Tape, Box Tape, Bubble Bag, Bubble Mailer, Chocolade Pad, Container Cushioning, Corrugated Cardboards, Invoice Pocket, Masking Tape, Packing Turkey, Packings Turkey, Pallet Cushioning, Pe Foam, Protective Film, Radyant Barrier, Stretch Film, Cold Chain, Foam In Rolls, Isolation, Locked Bubble Bags, Pe Foam Profiles, Printed Box Tapes, Radyant Barriers Turkey, Reinforced Pe Films, Reinforced Pe Krafts
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1958 / 0-5
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Maslak / 4640169234
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ISO 9001:2000
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Huzur Mah. Ayazağa Cendere Cad. No: 8 Sarıyer - İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 289 22 20
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+90 212 289 01 66
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