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core, shell core, shell molding, alkafen (co2), alphaset core, molding, melting, mangenese casting, machine industry, iron, hydraulic pump,hydraulic,heat treatment, grey iron, en-gjs-700-2 (ggg 70), en-gjs-600-3 (ggg 60), en-gjs-500-7 (ggg 50),en-gjs-400-18-lt (ggg 40.3), en-gjs-400-15 (ggg 40), en-gjl-350 (gg 35), en-gjl-300 (gg 30),en-gjl-250 (gg 25), en-gjl-200 (gg 20), en-gjl-150 (gg 15), engaging machine, ductile/grey iron, ductile cast iron,core, cleaning machine., cleaning, casting,
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2007 / 1-5
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SELÇUK / 1750412458
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  • Manufacturer
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Konsan Organize San. Camgöz Sk. No: 5 Karatay / Konya / Turkey
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+90 332 346 23 69 (Pbx)
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+90 332 346 23 68
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