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General Information

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General Manager
Countries Exported To
Dubai, U.A.E., Iraq, Yemen, Romania, Russia, Libya, Ukraine, Jordan
fire hoses, fire hose cabinets, power panels, exit doors, emergency exit doors, fire emergency exit doors, multi-purpose reels, foam cabinets, mobile foam units, foam units, fire doors, personel protection equipments, fire fighting equipments, fire detection systems, in doors fire hose cabinets, rigit hose, flat hoses, full face masks, firemen's equipments, fire blanket, breathing protections, protection equipments, face protection equipments, eye protection equipments
Related Companies/Brands
Establishment Date/Number of Staff
1985 / -
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Ulus / 3330503563
Banks Worked with
TS EN 671-1, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 3008, TS EN 1634-1, CE, TUVNORD, TUVCERT, GHOST
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Contact Information

1354. Cadde 1424 Sk. No: 4/1 Ostim-Ankara, Turkey
Postal Code
Phone Number
+90 312 386 09 51
Fax Number
+90 312 386 09 53
aluminium controlled nozzle, aluminium fiberglass fire intervention suits, aluminium nozzles, breathing apparatus, cabinet supplier from turkey, cabinets, controlled nozzle, coupling spanner, cynthetic foam concentrate, difuser nozzle, difuser nozzle turkey, double leaf fire doors, emergency escape masks, emergency escape masks with tube, emergency exit doors, escape masks, escape masks with tube, exit doors, eye protection equipments, face protection equipments, fire detection system supplier from turkey, fire detection systems, fire door supplier from turkey, fire doors, fire emergency exit door supplier from turkey, fire emergency exit doors, fire equipment supplier from turkey, fire equipments, fire equipments turkey, fire fighting equipments, fire fighting equipments blank caps with chain, fire fighting equipments controlled nozzle, fire fighting equipments coupling spanner, fire fighting equipments coupling with tail, fire fighting equipments diffuser nozzle, fire fighting equipments female thread couplings, fire fighting equipments fire hose couplings, fire fighting equipments nozzle with coupling, fire fighting equipments nozzles, fire fighting equipments reduction, fire fighting equipments water gun, fire fighting equipments waygate with coupling, fire hose cabinets, fire hose cabinets turkey, fire hose couplings, fire hoses, fire hoses turkey, fire interventions suits, fire protection equipments turkey, fire sector, firemen's boots, firemen's gloves, firemen's helmet, foam cabinet reels, foam cabinet supplier from turkey, foam cabinets, foam concentrate, foam liquid inductor, foam makers, foam makers turkey, foam nozzle, foam nozzles turkey, foam unit supplier from turkey, foam units, foamy water monitor, gas measure apparatus, half masks, hard hats, hearing protection equipments, heavy foam nozzle, helmets, in doors fire hose cabinets, in doors fire hose cabinets with semi rigit hose, land type fire hose cabinet reels, medium foam nozzle, mobile foam unit supplier from turkey, mobile foam units, multi-purpose reel supplier from turkey, multi-purpose reels, nozzle with coupling, nozzles, one leaf fire doors, personal immobility warning devices, personel protection equipments, polimask half masks, power panels, protection equipments, protective suits, protective suits again chemical materials, reductions, reductions turkey, reel supplier from turkey, reels, rigit hose, rigit hose supplier from turkey, warning devices, water guns, water guns turkey, waygate with coupling