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gear, spur gear, helical gear, bevel helical gear, straight bevel gear, hypoid gear, splined shafts, drive bevel gear, commercial vehicle wheels, gears, gear manufacturing, worm reduction, transmission gears, differential gears, gear production, ring gear, jcb, gear reducer, internal gears, worm screws, worm gears, forklift wheels, jcb loader gears, jcb crown wheel and pinion, mercedes sprinter crown wheel and pinion, rotary dryer gears, washing machine gears, rolling mill gears
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1958 / 0-5
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Beylikdüzü / 6090006013
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Kıraç Mevkii, Akçaburgaz Mahallesi 361. Sokak No: 15 Kat: 3 34522 Esenyurt - İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 652 33 82
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+90 212 653 04 19
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