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General Information

Contact Person
Bahadır ALEV
General Manager
Countries Exported To
Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Romania, Latvia, Armenia, Hungary , Sri Lanka, Kazakhistan, Kosovo
food processing machine, food processing machines, textile machinery, canned pea lines, canned vegetable lines, canned fruits lines, canned mushroom lines, canned compost lines, canned pickle lines, canned caper lines, canned tomato paste production equipments, canned pepper paste production equipments, sand mussel lines, artichoke cooking lines, canned artichoke lines, sterilisation autoclaves, autoclaves, pasteurisation tunnels, yarn fixation machine, yarn dyeing machine
Related Companies/Brands
Establishment Date/Number of Staff
1976 / 0-5
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Silivri / 0510040580
Banks Worked with
CE, ISO 9001:2008
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Contact Information

Ortaköy Mah. Ortaköy Sanayi Bölgesi Tiftik Sok. No:14 Silivri - İstanbul, Turkey
Postal Code
Phone Number
+90 212 550 63 39
Fax Number
+90 212 651 67 74
aluminium packages, artichoke cooking lines, autoclave systems, autoclaves, automatic filling systems, brine and oil filling machine, brine filling machine, brine preparing tanks, canned artichoke lines, canned bean lines, canned caper lines, canned chickpea lines, canned compost lines, canned convenience food, canned food, canned food filling lines, canned food filling machine, canned food materials, canned food packaging lines, canned food packaging machine, canned food production lines, canned food production machine, canned fruit filling lines, canned fruit filling machine, canned fruit packaging lines, canned fruit packaging machine, canned fruit production lines, canned fruit production machine, canned fruits lines, canned legume lines, canned mushroom lines, canned pea lines, canned pepper paste production equipments, canned pickle lines, canned pineapple lines, canned tomato paste production equipments, canned vegetable filling lines, canned vegetable filling machine, canned vegetable lines, canned vegetable packaging lines, canned vegetable packaging machine, canned vegetable production lines, canned vegetable production machine, convenience food, convenience food filling lines, convenience food filling machine, convenience food packaging lines, convenience food packaging machine, convenience food production lines, convenience food production machine, conveyor, conveyors, cooking systems, dog feed, dried food, dried products, exhaust tunnel, fabric dyeing machine, fabric manufacturing equipments, fabric manufacturing machine, fabric printing machine, filling systems, food processing machine, food processing machines, food transport systems, fruit washing machine, gherkin in jars processing lines, handling systems, heat resistant plastic packages, jars, meat and meat products, olive, packaged convenience food, packaged fruit, packaged mushroom, packaged vegetable, pasteurisation tunnel, pasteurisation tunnels, plastic packaged serum, reactors with stainless steel mixer, reactors with stainless steel mixers, sand mussel lines, serum bottled, serum in plastic pouches, special sauces, stainless steel mixing tanks, stainless steel reactor tanks, stainless steel tanks, sterilisation autoclaves, tanks with mixer, textile machinery, tow yarn dyeing machinery, tow yarn machinery, tow yarn processing machinery, vegetable washing machine, yarn dyeing machine, yarn fixation machine, yarn manufacturing equipments, yarn manufacturing machine, yarn steaming machine