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General Manager
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metal processing machinery, cylinder bending machines, profile bending machines, pipe bending machines, drilling line, oxy plasma cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, custom manufacturing metal rolling machines, 4 rolls hydraulic plate roll machines, hydraulic plate bending machines, flanging machines, flanging presses, asymetrical plate roll machines, cnc machinery, cnc metal processing machinery, cnc 3 tube bending machines, cnc 1 tube bending machines with mandrel, workshop machinery
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Establishment Date/Number of Staff
1962 / 0-5
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Ertuğrulgazi / 0430100352
Banks Worked with
CE, ISO 9001-2000, Ukas 005, TSEK, TURQUM
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Akçalar Sanayi Bölgesi Sanayi Cad. No: 8/A 16225 Akçalar - Bursa, Turkey
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+90 224 280 75 00
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+90 224 280 75 01
4 rolls hydraulic plate roll machine, 4 rolls hydraulic plate roll machines, asymetrical plate roll machine, asymetrical plate roll machines, cnc 1 tube bending machine with mandrel, cnc 1 tube bending machines with mandrel, cnc 3 tube bending machine, cnc 3 tube bending machines, cnc cutting line, cnc cutting lines, cnc drilling line, cnc drilling lines, cnc machine, cnc machinery, cnc machinery export, cnc machinery exporter, cnc machinery manufacturer, cnc machinery manufacturing, cnc machinery supplier, cnc marking line, cnc marking lines, cnc metal processing machine, cnc metal processing machinery, cnc plate drilling machines, conventional positioner, conventional positioners, conventional rotator, conventional rotators, custom manufacturing metal rolling machine, custom manufacturing metal rolling machines, cylinder bending machine, cylinder bending machines, cylinder bending machines export, cylinder bending machines exporter, cylinder bending machines manufacturer, cylinder bending machines manufacturing, cylinder bending machines supplier, drilling line, drilling lines, flange drilling machine, flange drilling machines, flanging machine, flanging machines, flanging press, flanging presses, hydraulic plate bending machine, hydraulic plate bending machines, mcb column bom system, mcb column bom systems, metal processing machine, metal processing machinery, metal processing machinery export, metal processing machinery exporter, metal processing machinery manufacturer, metal processing machinery manufacturing, metal processing machinery supplier, oxy plasma cutting machine, oxy plasma cutting machine export, oxy plasma cutting machine exporter, oxy plasma cutting machine manufacturer, oxy plasma cutting machine manufacturing, oxy plasma cutting machine supplier, oxy plasma cutting machinery, oxy plasma cutting machines, pipe bending machine, pipe bending machines, pipe bending machines export, pipe bending machines exporter, pipe bending machines manufacturer, pipe bending machines manufacturing, pipe bending machines supplier, plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting machines, profile bending machine, profile bending machines, profile bending machines export, profile bending machines exporter, profile bending machines manufacturer, profile bending machines manufacturing, profile bending machines supplier, self align rotator, self align rotators, workshop equipment, workshop equipments, workshop machine, workshop machinery, workshop machinery export, workshop machinery exporter, workshop machinery manufacturer, workshop machinery manufacturing, workshop machinery supplier