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General Manager
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construction materials, building materials, plasters, plaster plates, construction chemicals, profiles, profile accessories, pumices, paints, construction paints, building paints, hand plasters with perlite, hand plasters with perlite, machine plasters with perlite, satin finishing gypsum plasters, gypsum plasters, plasters of paris, grouting gypsum plasters, adhesive gypsum plasters, construction plasters, ceramic adhesives, tile adhesives, ceramic and tile adhesives, asvil, karavil, karlis
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Süleyman Nazif / 5240563672
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  • Manufacturer
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Elazığ Karayolu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 17. Cadde, No:8, Diyarbakır, Turkey
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+90 412 323 32 00
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+90 412 323 33 46
adhesive gypsum plaster, adhesive gypsum plasters, asvil, block bims adhesive, block bims adhesives, building chemical, building chemicals, building material, building materials, building paint, building paints, ceiling paint, ceiling paints, ceramic adhesive, ceramic adhesives, ceramic and tile adhesive, ceramic and tile adhesives, clip, clips, construction chemical, construction chemicals, construction material, construction paint, construction paints, construction plaster, construction plasters, decorative mineral plaster, decorative mineral plasters, granite adhesive, granite adhesives, gross concrete primer, gross concrete primers, grouting gypsum plaster, grouting gypsum plasters, gypsum plaster, gypsum plasters, hand plaster with perlite, hand plaster with perlite's mortar, hand plasters with perlite, hand plasters with perlite's mortars, hanger wire, hanger wires, heat insulation board adhesive, heat insulation board adhesives, heat insulation board plaster, heat insulation board plasters, hollow block, hollow blocks, joint filling material, joint filling materials, joint tape, joint tapes, karavil, karlis, machine plaster with perlite, machine plaster with perlite's mortar, machine plasters with perlite, machine plasters with perlite's mortars, marble adhesive, marble adhesives, mortar, mortars, paint, paints, perlite's mortar, perlite's mortars, plaster, plaster of paris, plaster plate, plaster plates, plasters, plasters of paris, pool and wet floor adhesive mortars, profile, profile accessories, profile accessory, profiles, pumice, pumices, repair mortar, repair mortars, satin finishing gypsum plaster, satin finishing gypsum plasters, screw, screws, self-drilling screw, self-drilling screws, slide, slides, splice, splices, steel dowel, steel dowels, strap tong, strap tongs, tile adhesive, tile adhesives, wet floor adhesive mortar, wet floor adhesive mortars