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polyurethane systems, polyurethane system components, polyester resins, polyols, propolymers, catalyst systems, polyester resin systems, polyol systems, propolymer systems, catalysts, polyurethane systems for shoes soles, polyurethane systems for slippers, polyurethane systems for shoes, polyurethanes, polex 1150st, polex 1250l, polex 1350t, polex 1450m, polex 1530ka, polex 1550s, polyurethane system, polyurethane system component, polyester resin, polyol, propolymer, catalyst system, polyester
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1999 / 11-25
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Boğaziçi Kurumlar / 7320744827
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  • Manufacturer
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Akçaburgaz Mah., Osmangazi Cad., No: 5, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 886 79 70
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+90 212 886 79 77
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