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food machines, food processing machines, meat processing machines, meat machines, meat grinders, meat mincing machines, meat cutting machines, mincers, grinders, mincing machines, meat processing equipments, food processing equipments, tray sealers, manual tray sealers, cooler mincing machines, grinder coolers, meat cubes machines, tray sealer materials, sticky plates, three phase mincing machines, stainless mincing machine plates, nerve separator sets, stainless mincing machine blades, mincing
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1963 / 26-50
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Sarıgazi / 0740394324
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  • Manufacturer
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Esenşehir Mah. Des Sanayi Sitesi C Blok 117 Sk. No: 10 Ümraniye - İstanbul , Turkey
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+90 216 540 90 24-25-26
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+90 216 540 90 27
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